Flat Stan(TM)

Let’s start at the beginning – One day Simon noticed that there was lots of First Aid for grown-ups but not much around for children. So he decided to change this and Simon created a new training concept - Flat Stan First Aid – Essential Life Skills for Children! With lots of fun!

Then one day he and his business partner Peter met up with Rhona who provides lots of first aid equipment. They all soon discovered that they all shared the same passion for the reasons behind first aid training. So they joined together to let the whole world know about Flat Stan First Aid and now have a mission to help introduce children everywhere  to  Essential Life Skills so that now or later on in life they will know what to do in an emergency so that they can help themselves and others - and all live happily ever after!

flat stan first aid manual cover
flat stan first aid gym

The Original Stan

flat stan first  aid original stan