Your course is amazing and I feel the need to shout about it!!!

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A Fantastic Review from a Parent Yesterday – 

“Hannah did a Flat Stan First Aid Course today. She’s only 5 and I’m amazed at what she has learnt. She now knows what to do in an emergency and how to get help, what to do if someone is bleeding, collapsed on the floor, has a nose bleed, is choking, not breathing, burnt, has a bump or is sad or unhappy. (Seriously great that they introduced some mental health first aid.) She can also put someone in the recovery position.

It’s just over an hour and aimed at ages 4 to 7 and if you have young kids I strongly recommend you see if there is one running locally.

And best of all she still wants to be an ambulance person – in fact she wants to be the best ambulance person ever and with an attitude like that she just might be!”

Thank you!


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