Dalmain Primary School – Lewisham Enjoyed their Flat Stan Workshop

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Dalmain Primary School – Lewisham By Joe Welsh and Ella Clover-Nichols (Siffre class)

‘Flat Stan’ First Aid is about learning how to react in an emergency, and on 3 July Siffre Class were rewarded with a one-hour session for achieving the best punctuality in the school this year! The first thing we did was discuss what first aid is; next we practised shouting ‘HELP!’ in our loudest voices.

Afterwards, we were reminded to always call 999 in an emergency, and practised wrapping a bandage around our head, hands, legs and arms. They taught us what to do if someone is having a nose bleed. Did you know you should keep your head forward and pinch the soft part of your nose? Also, we learnt how to check if someone is breathing and practised CPR on Stan (the blow up doll!) This experience was useful for helping us not to panic in emergencies and we also enjoyed practising first aid. Finally, everyone was awarded a certificate and a sticker, and given a book to take home.

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