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Following on from a busy 2018 which saw the number of children that have taken part in our workshops exceed 45,000 across the UK we are ready to work with more children across the UK, Ghana and the Middle East during 2019.

Our work in Ghana

We will continue to support projects in Ghana working closely with the charity First Intervention Ghana (NGO) who are introducing children to First Aid with the help of their team of committed volunteers from across Europe and far a field as Japan. Flat Stan aims to make a difference in a country which only has 55 ambulances for a population of 29 million people.

Our work in Lebanon

We are proud and excited to announce we are partnering MedboX SAL who are based in Beirut. Elie Medawar, the founder of Medbox SAL, is passionate and committed to educating people about CPR and our workshops will be delivered in schools across Lebanon. We know Elie and his team will start to make a real difference in a very short period of time and we are looking forward to working together. MedboX SAL are suppliers of Cardiac Science Defibrillators and the LifeVac and they have great vision for the future.

Cardiac Science UK and Morgan Sindall PLC – Corporate Social Responsibility.

We have are supported by Cardiac Science who supply defibrillators throughout the UK and they are now using the workshops as part of their Community Social responsibility program.
In 2018 Morgan Sindall PLC and their partners sponsored workshops in 40 schools across Cumbria and they have decided to do the same again in 2019. It is safe to say Morgan Sindall are making a real difference to the lives of children, their families and the wider community.

Our work in the UK.

We have hit the ground running in 2019 and we are visiting 13 schools between the 10th January and our trip to Beirut in mid February 2019. More children will be introduced to essential life skills and life skills. We hope another 40,000 children take part in our workshops during 2019. This would mean a staggering 85,000 children will have been taught First Aid in less than 4 years with the help of Flat Stan First Aid.

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