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The Flat Stan workshops and Flat Stan manikins have been developed to allow first aid skills to be taught to Primary school children. You can use your SPORTS PREMIUM FUNDING to pay for the workshops.

These life skills are delivered nationally by our team of experienced trainers in a new, fun and enriching way at your school, sports club or out of school club and parties.

Did you know first aid training fits in to the school curriculum, particularly Early Years Foundation, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3?

The 60 - 75 minute workshops will provide the children with the skills and knowledge to recognise a variety of first aid situations and how to deal with them and summons help.

Who is Flat Stan First Aid?

Flat Stan First Aid Ltd workshops have been developed to introduce and teach children essential life skills in an exciting and fun way – Dialling ‘999’ – choking – burns – CPR and more. We are supported by the First Aid Industry Body and Association of First Aiders.

Why is Flat Stan different?

We use specially designed manikins which children love as they can interact with them. The Flat Stan manikins give children confidence when being shown how and when to summons help, how to check if someone is breathing, how to deliver chest compressions, how to help someone who is choking, bleeding or help someone who has suffered a burn.

Each child gets to take a book home, which is a means of educating them further as well as educating their parents, carers, siblings and community. We believe every primary school child should be given this opportunity.

Young children are capable of helping someone in an emergency situation if they are given the opportunity to learn and develop skills which they can use for the rest of their lives.

Every child’s attendance is recognised by being presented with the Flat Stan First Aid book and Flat Stan sticker.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your pupils individually receive a Flat Stan First Aid book when attending a Flat Stan workshop. If your child does not receive a book please let us know on info@flatstan-firstaid.co.uk

The Flat Stan course covers:

  • What is first aid and who can deliver first aid
  • When and how to get help
  • How to check if someone is responsive
  • What to do if you think a casualty is not breathing
  • The choking casualty
  • What to do if someone is bleeding
  • What to do if someone suffers a burn

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