Flat Stan First Aid Limited is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young people and this requires all staff, representatives and visitors to share this commitment.

Signing in and out

We understand different establishments have different policies and we may be required to sign in and out of the establishment and we may be issued with a visitors badge.  We understand the badge will be worn at all times.

Keeping everyone safe

As we are working with children we will ensure all necessary safeguarding checks have been carried out including Enhanced DBS disclosure.

We will always be a positive role model by behaving in a mature, respectful, fair, safe and considered manner.

We will NOT photograph students or exchange emails, phone numbers or share your details.

We will not have any physical contact with the children unless it is to demonstrate procedures and offer assistance.  We will always ask the student if they agree to the contact.

Our responsibility

All those who come into contact with children through their work whilst representing Flat Stan First Aid Limited are responsible for their own actions and behaviour. We all have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of pupils. If we hear, see or read anything which troubles us about a child we will not ignore it. Even the smallest thing can be an indication of a bigger problem and it is important that all concerns are passed on to the appropriate safeguarding team.

What is abuse?

Any form of neglect, physical, emotional or sexual mistreatment or lack of care that leads to harm or injury.   It can happen to any child regardless of their age, gender, race or ability.

If a child discloses to us we will not let the moment pass as we understand the child might not have the confidence to try again.

We will listen, tell the student that we need to tell someone else and we will not promise confidentiality. We will make accurate notes of what has been said by the student and pass this immediately to the designated safeguarding lead / DSL.

Recording our concerns

We will include : The nature of our concern, what evidence led to the concern, details of what the child said ( if anything ), what we did or said in response (  if anything ), the date and time of any disclosure.

Concerns about a member of staff or volunteer.

We will record the concerns as above and speak to a senior member of staff at the school, preferably the Headteacher and raise the concerns with Simon Ferris at Flat Stan First Aid Limited.

Use of mobile phones

We will follow the schools policy regarding the use of mobile phones. In any event we will not use mobile phones during any teaching sessions without the express permission of a supervising member of staff.

No photographs using a mobile phone will be taken unless agreed in advance by the Headteacher or Safeguard Lead.