Whiteparish All Saints CE Primary School

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Whiteparish All Saints CE Primary School – Whiteparish, Salisbury

Flat Stan 1st Aid On Monday, Eagles all learnt how to so some First Aid with Flat Stan. To start with, we learnt how to help someone who has cut themselves. We learnt that compression helps the blood to clot, so you should press on a wound before bandaging it. We had a go at bandaging and made a sling out of our cardigans. At the end, we learnt how to do CPR properly; we also learnt where the defibrillator is (near the Parish Lantern).

‘We all really enjoyed it!’  By Maddie

‘I found it really fun learning how I could save someone’s life. ’ By Sade

‘I found Flat Stan First Aid very interesting and fun: I learnt a lot.’ By Ivy L

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